Indoor & Outdoor Ranges

Are you looking for a place to shoot your bow, we have Indoor & Outdoor Ranges for you.  Whether you are a seasoned pro looking to practice for your next big shoot or are just looking to have a good time with your family, our ranges offer something for everyone.

Our indoor range has 24 lanes at 20 yards and four lanes at 10 yards.  

The outdoor range offers shooting from 20-65 yards in ten yard increments.  

Absolutely NO BROADHEADS (or Practice Broadheads) are to be used on any of our targets.

The targets are for ONLY Standard Field Points only.

If you would like to use your own Broadhead Target on our range it must be approved before and placed in front of the outdoor backstop only.

Range Fees/Passes


Range Fees/Passes are for use on both the Indoor Range as well as our Outdoor Range for the same fee,

no additional charges except for additional targets.


Daily Range Fee:  $10/Day includes 1 Target for Indoors (Unlimited Time!!)

Kids Range Fee (Under 10 years Old): $7/Day includes 1 Target for Indoors with your own equipment (Unlimited Time!!)

Monthly Range Pass: $70/Month + Target $1.00/ea. (Unlimited Pass for the Month!!)

Winter Range Pass: $350/October 1-March 31  + Target $1.00/ea. (Unlimited Pass for the Indoor Season!!)

Yearly Range Pass: $700/Year + Targets $1.00/ea. (Unlimited Range Pass for all Year!!)

Bow Rentals

We also have bow rentals for $25.00 each shooter for use on our Indoor 10 yard ranges ONLY.

These rentals are Genesis Bows, we have Originals and a few Mini’s available.  Rental includes the use of our arrows.**

These are available on a first come basis and can also be used during Kids Leagues.

**We have the right to refuse use of our Rentals based on abuse.IMAG0792outdoor-range