Personalized services is Superior Archery’s specialty.

We are passionate about the sport of archery and enthusiastic about our work. Some of the services we offer include:

Arrow Selection

  • Custom Arrow Fletching

Bow Selection:

  • Draw length
  • Draw weight
  • Eye dominance issues
  • Axle to axle lengths
  • Brace height
  • IBO speed selection
  • Your budget

Arrow Rest Selection

Sight Selection

Bow Set-up


Bow Repair

Lessons: You need to have your own equipment to schedule a lesson.

                 By appointment only, based on our availability.  Must be booked 3 days or more before lesson.

                 (All Lessons are suspended during our busy months of July – October)

  • 1/2 Hour Session Basic Lessons
    • For the Beginner or Novice
    • Targeted at making sure your bow is set up to fit you
    • Basic Form Instruction
    • $40.00
  • 1 Hour Advanced Lesson
    • Are you ready for a little more direction?
    • Targeted at more Individualized Instruction
    • Adds Bow Tuning and Bow Set-Up
    • Advanced Form Instruction
    • $100.00

String and Cable Replacement

Please visit us and enjoy our indoor range and outdoor ranges.